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Analyzing, documenting and developing innovative combinations of cultural studies, technoscience studies and media production.

The research project entitled " Intellectual and Cultural Transitions Among Science Students " at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) examines the character of how students migrate from home and society into an astronomy and physics learning college environment. 


Through questionnaires and interviews Reynal Guillen, Ph.D. (Chicano Studies Reserach Center) and Professor Juan Gomez-Quinones (History), both from the University of California, Los Angeles, will collaborate with UCR Astronomy Professor Bahram Mobasher to accomplish this goal.


If you are enrolled in UCR Physics 37 during the Fall 2012 quarter and wish to participate then

1. read the information sheet attachment below to learn what is involved in this study;

2. register as a user on this web site;

3. await for an email that will clear you to answer a questionnaire/quiz located at this web site page;

4. after you have completed one questionnaire/quiz then you may go to "Research" >" UCR Physics and Astronomy study" on the menu above or simply click here to fill out the rest of the quizes.


The first attachment document below is an information sheet explaining what is required from participants and the second attachment document provides background and a description of this study.


How does living in the city affect our way of seeing and comprehending nature?  We followed Los Angeles Latinas/os to Learn how their views changed as they encountered the Angeles National Forest. 

 At teKnoculture, we examine the ways culture, science, technology and media interact with each other on a theoretical and practical level.  Through detailed consultation, we shape our cultural perspective to meet our client's goals, which may include learning, social responsibility, niche marketing or policy formation.  Our past services have included a) qualitative research, b) learning, c) media production and analysis, d) and government agency or business consulting.  We are flexible and eager to create innovative approaches to address your organization's goals.

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